Continental Electronics Corporation Representatives

Aviation Procurement Systems Representatives

FLMaKo is a company active in the field of aerospace, defense, security and maritime surveillance.

Business activities:

- Representation of companies to participate in competitions of the Greek State and the European Union.

- Develop consortia and partnerships in industry and trade, particularly in aerospace, defense, security and maritime surveillance, to participate in competitions within the Greek state as well as in the European Union.

- Provision of advisory services to public and private companies on the means and methods for expanding, developing, controlling, managing and improving business operations in the trade and industry.

- Provision of advisory services relating to systems and methods of production, maintenance, repair and modification of industrial and commercial products, and in particular aerospace, defense, security and maritime surveillance.

- Provision of technical support and execution of work on public and private project contracts during the project implementation phase related to industry and trade as well as in aerospace, defense, safety and maritime surveillance, in particular.

- Marketing and Trade of general and special equipment, of various items in general to the State, Legal Entities of Public Law, Local Government Organizations, hospitals, municipalities etc. or non-profit institutions and stores

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